Michigan has been experiencing several issues since it legalized marijuana in the state. Not only are there lawsuits, but there are also shortages and a lack of access to marijuana.

Michigan’s recently centralized, Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) held a public meeting on Thursday to hear concerns and that was just some of them.

The executive director of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency has said that they are making supply and access process in the regulatory market.

“We are seeing that there are more plants in production,” said Andrew Brisbo, the MRA Executive Director.

He added, “We have more licenses issued to growers now which are starting to improve the amount of product that is working through the supply chain, but we will keep moderating that to make sure we have adequate product in the right system.”

Michigan’s Governor only formed of the MRA seven weeks ago and there has already been a 122% increase in pre-qualifications and a 100% increase in state operating licenses as compared to the previous seven months.

“The amount of paperwork we require at the front end has been reduced as we become more familiar with this process,” remarked Brisbo. “Now we see which documents and what pieces lead to results in terms of decision making.”
Now only financial statements over the last year versus three years are necessary for applying for a medical marijuana license.

The criminal history disclosure on the application has also been changed.

“We specifically exempt traffic violations from the form,” said Kristie Jordan, the Medical Facilities Licensing Section Manager. “You still have to report all misdemeanors and all felonies, except those that are traffic violations.”

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