According to a report in the Boston Globe, a marijuana company in Massachusetts found that its storefront was vandalized with anti-Semitic language and racist symbolism.

The Lynn company had its floor littered with an unknown white powder, and empty bottles of alcohol were lined up on the ground.

A rope was also found hanging from the ceiling, tied in a knot resembling a noose. A long knife hung from the rope, and anti-Semitic rhetoric was written on the walls that said: “[Expletive] the Jews” and “Jesus Failed.”

“I was speechless,” said CEO Jordan Avery. He added, “I was in there for less than a minute. I was so upset; I didn’t want to keep looking around.”

Avery was born and raised in Lynn. He is African-American and has plans to convert to Judaism.

Lynn police are investigating the vandalism according to Lieutenant Michael Kmiec.

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