420 Suites, the company behind cannabis-friendly vacation rentals, will be launching marijuana themed vacation rentals in the city of Boston.

The marijuana-themed vacation rentals under the name 420 Suites debuted this past Friday at the CannaCon expo in Boston.

“We really want to educate our guests about the benefits of cannabis from a medical perspective, as well as enable them to enjoy cannabis-themed stays in Boston as the opportunities for recreational use expand,” said Patrick Flynn, the founder and CEO of 420 Suites.

“As the recreational industry really kicks off here in Massachusetts, cannabis tourism will become an important sector of that market,” he said.

420 Suites has over 250 furnished living spaces for marijuana enthusiasts that they can rent in New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston and and other cities.

Rates are $230 to $399 a night, said company spokeswoman Sara Dunphy.

“All guests of 420 Suites enjoy a welcome gift basket with a variety of cannabis-themed products and special discount promotions from Revolutionary Clinics. Each suite also features cannabis soaps, shampoos, lotions and other items to enhance the guest’s cannabis-themed stay,” said the company in a press release.

“420 Suites will also be offering edible CBD chocolate and cereal products — hand-crafted in Massachusetts — exclusively for purchase by its guests and delivery to their ‘420 Suite.'”

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