Appearing on The Wendy Williams show, American do it yourself queen of decor, cooking, and a multitude of other things, Martha Stewart, discussed marijuana and trying edibles.

Williams asked Stewart if she puffs or passes and Stewart responded, “I pass. I just try to breathe. I just breathe.”
Stewart then admitted that she had tried “an” edible before when Williams pointed out to her that edibles aren’t smoking.

“An edible!” Stewart yelled. “What’s an edible? It’s like a little gummy bear or something. They’re fine.”

It was this past June that Stewart had said to the Hollywood Reporter, “As it becomes recreationally approved, I think I probably would be more interested in it. I’ve been asked to design recipes and even ointments.”
Stewart hosts Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party with rapper Snoop Dogg who is known for loving marijuana.

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