According to Maryland lawmakers, legalizing recreational marijuana is not on the horizon anytime soon.

“I think the consensus is: We are not recommending legislation this session to legalize adult use,” remarked Del. Kathleen Dumais, who co-chairs a bipartisan work group of delegates and senators that’s been studying marijuana. Dumais is also Montgomery County Democrat. She added, “We are still in the investigative mode.”

It was in 2014 that the state legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and Maryland now has 16 growers since then, as well as 18 processors and 85 dispensaries.

Dumais and work group co-chair Sen. Bill Ferguson have said that members say they still have many more issues to resolve before moving forward on legalization governing recreational use.

“It seems like every time we get some information to answer one question, it just begets another three or four questions,” said Dumais.

According to Del. David Moon, a work group member and legalization supporter, the General Assembly now could be on track to seriously consider legalization in 2021.

“That’s the new target, and nothing that has happened thus far leads me to believe that goal is not achievable,” said Moon. “I am feeling pretty optimistic that we’ll be able to pull something off in 2021.”

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