A handful of marijuana businesses in Massachusetts could be moments away from finally going ahead this month.

The businesses had been granted provisional licenses and have told the Cannabis Control Commission that they are ready to be inspected. This is one of the final steps before retail sales of marijuana can begin.

Commission chairman Steven Hoffman said this week that the agency is working to schedule inspections for two or three provisionally licensed businesses, and that they are expected to happen “over the next week, plus or minus.”

Hoffman also said that the commission could vote at its next meeting, Sept. 20, to issue a final license if a business passes its inspection and fulfills other requirements by then.

“The final inspection is one of the multiple number of requirements to go from provisional license — there is payment of the fee and other things — assuming those get turned around, I think the answer is it’s quite possible,” Hoffman explained.

“We’re going to go out there and the reason we’re doing the inspection is to make sure everything is in place,” he stated. “If they’re not in place, obviously we’re going to have to go back again.”

“I still think that’s a reasonable expectation. I’m not going to be more precise than that,” he said to reporters. “I think once we have the final inspection scheduled for a couple of entities we can probably get a little more precise.”

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