Marijuana has been said to have many benefits in aiding many diseases and ailments. It could also play a major role in fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

THC, which is the active ingredientin the plant, has been said to inhibit the tendency of amyloids to the brain, which are linked to memory loss. They are also a key contributor to the progression of Alzheimer’s. Surprisingly THC look to do a better job than prescription drugs in hindering amyloids from forming.

Medical marijuana could possibly be a way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease according to a preclinical study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2014.  The study confirmed that very small doses THC can slow the production of beta-amyloid proteins.

It may not work on everyone however. Co-author of the study, Neel Nabar cautioned against any quick conclusions from the study and remarked, “It’s important to keep in mind that just because a drug may be effective doesn’t mean it can be safely used by anyone. However, these findings may lead to the development of related compounds that are safe, legal, and useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Antonio Currais, a postdoctoral researcher and first author on the paper said, “Inflammation within the brain is a major component of the damage associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but it has always been assumed that this response was coming from immune-like cells in the brain, not the nerve cells themselves. When we were able to identify the molecular basis of the inflammatory response to amyloid beta, it became clear that THC-like compounds that the nerve cells make themselves may be involved in protecting the cells from dying.”

This continues to prove that marijuana with more research could one day potentially be a huge part of the healthcare industry.

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