Over $70 million in cumulative medical marijuana sales were reported in the state of Missouri since October of 2020.

The Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association revealed the data with total number of sales hitting $70,328,681. The figure had been originally reported by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Total marijuana sales in May had hit $15.5 million and approximately $16.4 million have been reported for June.

There are 126 dispensaries in Missouri according to the trade association.

There are 201 facilities throughout the state that are waiting to receiving operating approval in Missouri. This includes five testing labs, 23 cultivators, and 33 manufacturers of infused products.

The trade association also reported that the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has licensed 375 facilities to cultivate, manufacture, test, transport, and dispense medical marijuana to Missouri patients.

“Patient after patient, our members hear every day just how vital Missouri’s medical cannabis program has become in a relatively short time,” remarked Andrew Mullins, executive director of the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association.

“This remains a summer of lofty expectations, with thousands of new patients each week obtaining their cannabis cards, business owners creating a steady flow of new jobs, and our industry generating millions in new tax revenue for the state thanks to an additional 4 percent sales tax dedicated to the health and care of veterans.”

According to the association, the medical marijuana industry in the state is “expected to generate nearly twice that many jobs, more than $800 million in direct spending and another $570 million in indirect spending over the course of its first full year of sales and operation.”

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