Last month Mexico’s Ministry of Health published the Federal Health Regulations for the Medical Production, Research and Use of Cannabis and its Pharmaceutical Derivatives in the country.

The rules, which have now taken effect, were published in the Federation´s Official Gazette.

The medical use of cannabis and its pharmaceutical derivatives, as well as the related activities contained herein, are now legal in the country.

The Medical Cannabis Rules are meant to authorize, regulate, control, promote and oversee the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis’s raw materials, pharmaceutical derivatives and drugs.

This includes any related activities of research, production, manufacturing, importation, exportation, sale, and prescription of such cannabis products for medical and therapeutic use in Mexico.

A cannabis bill for other authorized uses is expected to follow.

Next to the rules, a new federal law for the regulation of cannabis (the cannabis bill), legalizing and further regulating other types of uses of cannabis (i.e., for recreational, industrial, cosmetic and food purposes) should be approved by the House of Representatives no later than April 15, 2021.

This will come after the Supreme Court of Justice granted the Mexican Congress another extension of the deadline for enacting the Cannabis Bill that has already been approved by the Senate.

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