Michigan marijuana sales are booming and the state is getting recognized for how explosive it has done in the cannabis space.

The state has been listed as the top three state in the cannabis industry according to a new report.

In 2021, Michigan saw a 72% increase in full-time cannabis jobs with $1.79 billion in sales, according to Leafly, a website that aims to teach the cannabis industry’s who, what and where. Its focus is on cannabis education and use.

Leafly’s 2021 report shows Michigan ranked third in the country for total cannabis employment; only behind the states of California and Colorado.

Leafly also said that employment numbers in the industry are only beat by restaurant waitstaff, which has 55,920 employees in the state.

There are 31,152 cannabis workers in Michigan.

The growth is linked to the hundreds of recreational dispensaries that have opened up since December 2019.

One economic estimate that Leafly used found the state’s cannabis industry (legal and illegal) was around $3.2 billion. That “means the current legal system is fulfilling just over half the demand.”

In the U.S., customers spent $25 billion on cannabis in 2021, the Leafly eport shows.

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