Even though Michigan voters recently voted to legislate recreational marijuana, it doesn’t mean people will be able to smoke it or grow in every apartment building in the state. They will however be able to eat it or apply it topically or do it in rental homes.

Landlords and property owners are still able to ban Michiganders from being able to use the drug despite Proposal 1 passing in early November.

Adult marijuana use is expected to become legal on Dec. 6, and consumption will be prohibited in cars, K-12 schools and in public places.

Proposal 1 gives landlords the option to ban growing or smoking marijuana on properties they own. Landlords cannot bar people from consuming marijuana in ways other than smoking; that means edibles and topical skin products will be allowed.

The statute states that a property owner, “may not prohibit a tenant from lawfully possessing and consuming marihuana by means other than smoking.”

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