This Monday was the last day that medical marijuana businesses could receive a state license in Michigan.

The state’s board in charge of grating the licenses had its final meeting before the October 31st deadline so businesses that did not receive approval will be shut down this Thursday.

“There is a tremendous amount of anxiety on the part of the patients because they rely on the provisioning centers,” said Linda Smith, whose Haslett business helps people get medical marijuana cards.

State officials say there are close to 300,000 medical marijuana patients in Michigan and so far Michigan has granted 37 provisioning center licenses from close to 200 applications.

Andrew Brisbo is the director of the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation and has said, “I feel comfortable with the licenses we’ve approved at this point that there is a fully functioning market in the state.”

Those who did not receive a state license may be approved at the next medical marijuana licensing board meeting on November 8.

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