Legislators have revealed this week that lawmakers in Michigan may be ready to vote as early as next week to legalize marijuana.

This would take the responsibility of the issue away from Michigan voters in November.

A pro-pot coalition wants Michigan voters to decide the issue in November but the Republican Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof has reported that he has the votes to legalize pot without a vote of the people.

“I have the ability in the Senate to pass the petition and amend it,” said Meekhof.

“We are well short of support there,” said House Speaker Tom Leonard (R) however. “I don’t anticipate this happening, the voters are going to have to decide this.”

“I think (the chance is better) than people think,” Meekhof said.

According to the House Democratic leader, “Part of the reason this is being pushed is that some well connected donors perhaps are having conversations and move this forward,” Sam Singh (D) said. “Instead of letting the voters make a decision and that is the best policy for the state.”

“That’s not true,” Meekhof said. “Not any part of it. This is public policy that is very bad for Michigan.”

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