What will be named “Tyson Ranch”, former heavyweight Mike Tyson is opening a 40-acre marijuana resort in Southern California.

It was on January 1st that California made the selling of recreational marijuana legal (with a license) and many were standing in long lines waiting to buy the drug.

World heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson wants a piece of the lucrative industry and has broke ground on a 40-acre plot of land in California City.

According to Gary Trock of The Blast, the former boxer is going to grow marijuana on the acreage and fund research into the medical effects the plant has. Twenty acres of the area will be designated to create “high-quality strains of THC and CBD.”

There will also be campgrounds and cabins, an ampitheater, and the Tyson Cultivation School to teach new growers.

The resort is about 60 miles southwest of Death Valley National Park.

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