Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is making ear shaped cannabis gummies through his cannabis brand.

Tyson 2.0 has launched “Mike Bites” – celebrating almost 25 years since the boxer had bit a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear off during a championship fight.

The new product is complete with a missing chunk too. Mike Bites ears have a bite mark at the top of the gummy, right where Tyson took off a piece of Holyfield’s cartilage in 1997.

Tyson 2.0 made the announcement on its Twitter on Tuesday with the champion boxer’s approval. Responding to a tweet about the new product, Tyson said, “These ears actually taste good!”

The gummies will be sold at dispensaries in California, Massachusetts and Nevada.
Tyson was eventually disqualified and his boxing license was revoked after he bit Holyfield’s other ear during the fight. He was fined $3 million.

In a 2019 episode of the podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” Holyfield said he “forgave” Tyson, and Tyson pitched an ear-shaped candy to him.

“You might be in business because we’re going to make some holy ears,” Tyson responded. “Edible ears that got a bit taken out of them. Holy ears.”

It’s unclear whether Holyfield will receive a bite of the profits from the gummies.

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