This summer will be a season of celebration for marijuana enthusiasts in Mississippi, as the state is expected to roll out its medical marijuana program then.

The Mississippi State Department of Health, which is in charge of regulating the program, is currently building rules and a framework for the program and this is scheduled to be released sometime in July according to WJTV.

It would the be on August 15th that Mississippi would start distributing licenses and then the program would officially start.

Ken Newburger with the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association told WJTV that it was a smart move getting the health department to regulate the program.

“Because it’s a medical program and everything about it needs to be handled from a health medicine perspective, the State Department of Health was the best choice,” he explained. “Most other states that have good, functioning medical marijuana programs chose the State Department of Health as their regulatory body. So that’s really why we felt like it was the right place.”

The Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association is expected to host its first virtual convention in February.

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