EKG Labs, the very first licensed testing facility in the state of Missouri, has been testing cannabis for BeLeaf Medical.

BeLeaf Medical is Missouri’s first licensed cultivator according to St. Louis Public Radio and with this happening, the state is getting closer to launching its first medicinal marijuana sales.

BeLeaf co-founder John Curtis told the publication that while the initial batch submitted to EKG is not large enough to stock dispensary shelves, he expects to send a second batch for testing and have product ready for sale at BeLeaf’s store within the next couple of weeks.

It was this past June that BeLeaf opened its first cultivation center in Earth City while EKG passed its commencement inspection with the state and received final approval to operate late last month.

Lyndall Fraker, director for the medical cannabis program with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, told St. Louis Public Radio that the department has been working “extremely hard” to complete final inspections on all facilities. He expects the majority of the state’s 192 dispensaries to be open by the end of the year.

Jack Cardetti, spokesperson for the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, says the state has already inspected and approved several growing facilities and the rest should be approved soon.

“That means that we’re literally weeks, maybe a month away for the first time that a medical marijuana card holder in the state of Missouri can walk into a dispensary and legally purchase medical marijuana,” Cardetti said. “It’s a really exciting time here over the next couple weeks.”

“Three of the sixty cultivators are up and growing medical marijuana and those will soon find their way onto the retail shelves, but obviously the dispensaries are wholly dependent on the cultivators to produce that product.”

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