Montana kick started recreational marijuana sales with a bang in January, ending the month with over $12.8 million in sales.

January was the first month of the program’s existence and total January adult-use sales were $12,851,519.45, according to a sales table posted to Twitter by a Helena Independent Record reporter and attributed to Montana Department of Revenue figures.

This total also included recreational sales of more than $1.5 million during the first two days of 2022, the weekend the market launched.

According to the sales table, the state’s medical marijuana sales last month had approached $9.8 million.

Estimated monthly tax revenue from adult-use cannabis sales was almost $2.6 million, which was better than the $391,335 in tax revenue from medical marijuana, which is taxed at a lower rate.

Montana’s adult-use cannabis sales launched Jan. 1 and MJBiz Factbook projects that adult-use sales in the state of 1.1 million people will reach $90 million this year and $325 million by 2025.


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