Researched published in the journal “Drugs and Aging” have found that many baby boomers are using marijuana but have sought marijuana for medical use from recreational stores.

Some “expressed financial concerns about not visiting their usual care providers, particularly when the authorizing physicians were not within their provider networks and would not bill insurance for medical cannabis (or ‘red card’) evaluations,” according to the study.

The study was on 137 people, 136 of whom fell in the over-60 age range.

Many of the baby boomers had said they would rather visit doctors who were already familiar with their medical history.

The study also found that baby boomers had mentioned a “lack of openness” among providers that stifled communication about marijuana. Some said they thought providers didn’t know enough about how it could be used in medical treatment, and wanted their doctors to educate themselves on the risks, benefits and clinical issues involved in treating older adults with cannabis, the study found.

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