According to a poll by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky whose results were released this week, a majority of Kentucky residents are in favor of medical marijuana.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which is funded by an endowment, conducted the poll in 2019. The poll was sponsored with Interact for Health.

According to a random sample of 1,559 adults from throughout Kentucky that were interviewed via telephone, 9 in 10 Kentucky adults are in favor of allowing the purchase and use of marijuana for medical purposes if a doctor recommends it.

This 90% is compared to just 78% in 2012, which is the last time that question was asked.

The poll also found that 6 in 10 adults they questioned said they supported marijuana and its use under any circumstance.

A bill to legalize the plant was prefiled by state Rep. Jason Nemes at the beginning of the 2020 legislative session. It received a 16-1 vote in the Judiciary Committee last year and finished the session with more than 60 representatives committing to vote for it if it came to the House floor during the 2020 legislative session.

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