The Nevada state Athletic Commission voted this week to lift its longtime ban on athletes using marijuana.

The move will now allow for boxers and mixed-martial artists to openly use cannabis.

The commission regulates combat sports in the state, and is thus the regulatory authority that sets the rules for marquee Ultimate Fighting Championship and boxing bouts taking place in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is where UFC is headquartered.

As USA Today’s Nolan King reported Wednesday afternoon, going forward, a fighter in Nevada will only be penalized for marijuana use if they are “impaired” on fight night based on visual checks.

The commission will continue to test for marijuana for at least the next six months. This is part of the commission’s inquiry into head trauma. It will not however punish fighters who use marijuana in training.
UFC in January lifted its own ban on cannabis use in the sport. Had Nevada athletic officials not followed suit, fighters still had to pass a test.
According to King, NAC executive director Bob Bennett said in a conference call on Wednesday that Nevada will no longer ban cannabis because it’s not a performance enhancer.

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