Monday kicked off something very exciting for the state of Nevada. The Department of Taxation has begun accepting applications Monday for businesses wanting to grow, produce and sell recreational marijuana.

Medical marijuana dispensaries better hurry though because the deadline ends on May 31st, just about two weeks from now.

The licenses would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell cannabis products to adults 21 and older, with the goal of retail sales beginning on July 1st.  Clark County, as well as Las Vegas and North Las Vegas all have plans to issue licenses by that date.

Right now only licensed and operating medical marijuana establishments in good standing in Nevada are able to apply for retail, production, cultivation and testing licenses. Liquor wholesalers, as well as medical marijuana companies and operating marijuana distribution companies are able to get distribution licenses.

Nevada businesses will need similar licenses at the state level to begin selling marijuana to non-medical patients.

Permanent licenses are scheduled to be issued on January 1st of next year.

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