A bill was introduced this Tuesday by Senators Jospeh Vitale, D-Middlesex, Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, and Declan O’Scanlon, R-Monmouth in the state of New Jersey.

According to NJ Advance Media, the new bill is designed to “significantly increase” the access of medical marijuana in the state’s program and it would allow more dispensaries as well as cultivation centers to open and allow more medical professionals to refer patients.

The bill comes in response to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s call to reform the state’s medical marijuana program.

Senator Vitale spoke to NJ Advance Media and said, “It is our belief that this legislation will significantly increase access for patients, caregivers and providers, and additional forms of medical marijuana that may better suit a patient’s need.”

“Among other elements, it will also establish workable permitting guidelines based on patient need and further ensuring new businesses will be able to enter the marketplace and remain viable. Increasing patient access and care is the cornerstone of our proposed new law.”

There are only five open dispensaries in New Jersey currently and a sixth is set to open in the next several weeks pending final approval from the health department. The state has a little over 20,000 patients registered with its medical marijuana program.

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