New Jersey’s legal recreational market is off to a good start. Last week marked the first time that marijuana sales were legal in the state and the numbers are in on how much people spent.

Customers bought nearly $2 million of legal weed for recreational use last Thursday, the first day New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries were allowed to sell to all adults over 21 years old.

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission has said that the 12 medical marijuana dispensaries open for adult use sold $1.9 million of legal weed to 12,438 customers on the first day sales were open for recreational use.

CRC Executive Director Jeff Brown said that the state’s medical marijuana supply wasn’t negatively impacted by the beginning of recreational marijuana sales.

New Jersey has 23 medical marijuana dispensaries, of which only 12 have begun recreational sales. They sold more than 5,400 ounces of medical marijuana to their patients on April 20, the day before recreational sales began.

And in the five days afterward, the dispensaries sold another 7,500 ounces to patients.

“We expected sales to be substantial, and the data shows that the market is effectively serving both adult-use consumers and patients,” Brown said.

“We continue to monitor inventory and access for patients and are prepared to take enforcement action against any (alternative treatment center) that does not meet the requirements for patient access and supply,” he added.

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