New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy along with state lawmakers, have recently approved the framework for legislation of recreational marijuana in the state.

“We’re proud to announce today that we’ve reached an agreement on legislation providing the framework for legalization, which is a critical step in reducing racial disparities and social inequities that have long plagued our criminal justice system,” said the governor’s office to CBS2.

According to CBS2, 37 cultivators will be allowed for the first two years and 70% of the sales tax will go toward social justice programs.

“We can’t have people coming out of jail and having nowhere to go, and hoping that they are going to do something other than what they did to get themselves in jail in the first place,” state Sen. Nick Scutari said.

Scutari has asid the legislation will decriminalize the possession of marijuana by six ounces or less and will also lower penalties of psychedelic mushrooms to a misdemeanor.

“We’re going to have a separate bill, which downgrades possession of magic mushrooms from a three-to-five-year state prison sentence to up to six months in jail,” Scutari said.

“To be arrested for a nickel bag is stupid,” said Cecilia Lisa of Hoboken to CBS2.

“I feel like marijuana is such a common drug nowadays in society, like our resources can go elsewhere,” remarked resident Hope Narozniak to the station.

The Legislature is expected to vote officially on the agreement before the month ends.

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