New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s administration announced this week that the state’s medical marijuana program has doubled in the number of participating patients since Murphy took office in January.

According to the Governor, the program has taken “incredible strides.” His administration recently added new covered editions back in March and a plan to double the number of treatment centers to 12. The conditions include anxiety, migraines, Tourette’s syndrome and two types of chronic pain, according to Health Department Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal.

Murphy also lowered the patient-fee price from $200 to $100, with a $20 rate for veterans and seniors.

In the last three months alone, Elnahal said 9,000 patients have been added to the program which now has 34,000 patients. The department also said that now 800 doctors, up from 500, are participating in the program and doctors who prescribe marijuana are allowed not to appear on a public registry.

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