It looks like it is up to the residents of New Jersey to decide whether or not they want marijuana to be legal recreationally in the state.
It was on Monday that both houses of the state Legislature had voted to put the question on next year’s ballot.
The measure passed the state Senate in a 24-16 vote while the state Assembly voted 49-24 with one abstention.
“People actually smoke marijuana every day,” said state Sen. Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, a sponsor of the proposal.
He added, “Can you believe it? But until your relative gets arrested over this substance that is widely used in this state and country” some people will not understanding why this is so important.
“What a wonderful idea: Let the people decide,” said state Sen. Gerald Cardinale, R-Bergen, an opponent of legislation. He continued, “We should expect more New Jerseyans dying every year if this were to pass.”
“While we are disappointed the legislature did not directly legalize marijuana, we are optimistic that 2020 will be the year New Jersey replaces its eight-decade-long experiment with marijuana prohibition with a more thoughtful and humane approach,” said Karen O’Keefe, director of state policies at the Marijuana Policy Project.
“Marijuana prohibition has derailed thousands of lives in New Jersey, while driving marijuana production and sales to the sometimes dangerous illicit market.”
The question on the 2020 ballot reads: Do you approve amending the Constitution to legalize a controlled form of marijuana called ‘cannabis’? Only adults at least 21 years of age could use cannabis. The State commission created to oversee the State’s medical cannabis program would also oversee the new, personal use cannabis market. Cannabis products would be subject to the State sales tax. If authorized by the Legislature, a municipality may pass a local ordinance to charge a local tax on cannabis products.”

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