New Jersey’s Department of Health is intending to expand the medical marijuana program in the state and is looking for applicants to operate additional cultivation facilities and dispensaries.

The applicants can be for profit or nonprofit and have until August 21st to apply. The cost to apply is $20,000 but $18,000 of that will be returned to those who are not accepted.

A pre-application webinar will be held August 2nd. “We probably won’t be able to answer them all, but we’ll focus on the top-line issues,” said Jeff Brown, assistant commissioner for medicinal marijuana at N.J. Department of Health.

gNew Jersey is expectig to grant licenses for five cultivation centers, 15 dispensaries, and 4 so-called “verticals.” The verticals would allow the winner to operate a combined cultivation facility, processor, and retail store front.
Seven of the licenses are slated for South Jersey.

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