A new bill has been introduced in New York by the sponsors of the legalized recreational marijuana legislation.

According to Senator Liz Krueger, a Manhattan Democrat, the new bill incorporates some of the ideas the governor and legislature came up with when they talked about the issue during the budget talks.

“We’ve attempted to take all of the negotiated agreements that took place during budget negotiations and expand our bill,” Krueger explained.

The new bill would establish a single government unit to manage and regulate all cannabis-related products, including hemp and CBD products, which currently are sold widely but are unregulated.

The Assembly sponsor, Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes has said the bill would allocate some of the revenues collected from taxes on the sale of the drug to communities adversely affected by marijuana prohibition.

“A certain percentage of it will go towards comminutes that have been negatively impacted by mass incarceration,” Peoples Stokes remarked.

“And a certain percentage of it would go for research, drug prevention and treatment,” Peoples-Stokes added.

The new bill would also seal the criminal records of people convicted of misdemeanor marijuana related charges.

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