New Mexico medicinal cannabis patients have a group of doctors on their side wanting to help them get higher purchase limits for the drug.

A panel of doctors as well as other health care professionals have recommended increasing the amount of marijuana that can be purchased by New Mexico’s medicinal cannabis patients.

This week the advisory board voted in favor of almost doubling the limit to 15 ounces over 90 days.

According to supports, this would put New Mexico on par with Nevada and Arizona who have much higher limits.

The panel also recommended expanding the list of qualifying conditions to include anxiety, attention deficient disorders, Tourette’s, and some substance abuse disorders.

It will be up to the state health secretary on what happens.

Recently a top New Mexico lawmaker said that the legislature will again attempt to advance marijuana legalization next session.

House Speaker Brian Egolf (D) spoke with Rep. Javier Martinez (D) and the Drug Policy Alliance’s (DPA) Emily Kaltenbach during a livestream event about the need for cannabis reform and plans to achieve it in the coming 2021 session.

Egolf said that “hopefully we’ll get [marijuana reform] done in this session coming up” that starts in January. He said legislators “can gain from the knowledge and experience that other states provide based on their first experiences with legalization.”

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