Eleven middle school students in Colorado ate marijuana-infused candies this week with most having to go to the hospital afterwards.

Adams City Middle School saw nine of its students put in ambulances and taken to the hospital after they became disoriented and started vomiting.

“No one was, at any time, in any life-threatening danger,” Adams 14 School District spokesman John Poynton assured.

“When you take high-THC marijuana-concentrated oil and you combine that with candy, you’re asking for trouble,” remarked Henny Lasley with Smart Colorado, an advocacy group for children. It was created following marijuana legalization in Colorado in 2013.

“It’s important that kids know that not everyone is using marijuana,” Lasley said. “Oftentimes, children think, ‘Everyone’s doing it, so I should too.'”

Commerce City police say a criminal investigation is ongoing.

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