Ohio lawmakers are in a hurry to pass marijuana legalization in order to address the impact the coronavirus has had on the state.

The lawmakers have revised the state’s medical marijuana regulations recently in order to address problems the regulations currently cause.

Ohio’s medical marijuana stores are open to 95,000 registered patients in the state and medical marijuana is considered an essential according to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

The state’s stay-at-home order exempts medical marijuana growers and processors as essential businesses however so supply has become an issue.

Ohio restricts patient purchases to a 90-day supply, but patients are often limited to a certain number of days at a time because of the way the state calculates that amount.

If a patient in Ohio waits until the 10th day of their medical marijuana recommendation to make a purchase, they can only buy 80 days worth of product.

And whatever they’ve bought in the last 90 calendar days is subtracted from what they can buy.

Ohio medical marijuana patients and their caregivers can now telephone orders to dispensaries during the outbreak under revised Board of Pharmacy rules. Orders must be placed during dispensaries’ normal hours, and patients must go there to pick up products.

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