It was a noble attempt by Browns and Bengals fans, to seek medical marijuana condition approval by the Ohio medical board committee for being fans of the teams.

However, the committee has said that being a fan of the NFL’s franchises in Cincinnati and Cleveland does not meet the condition requirements to purchase medical marijuana.

The Ohio medical board committee made the ruling on Wednesday.

The panel had met in Columbus and turned down several petitions regarding conditions that could help Ohio residents be able to buy medicinal marijuana.

It was last December that Vincent Morano, a Cincinnati resident and a “Browns/Bengals fan” was among the multiple petitions filed, according to documents released by the state’s medical board.

The petition asked for letters of support by physicians with knowledge of the disease or condition, and Morano had said, “There’s not a physician in Ohio that will disagree.”

Morano told ESPN on Wednesday that he wasn’t surprised that his petition was rolled by the medical board committee.

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