A recent survey has found that a majority of patients and caregivers in the state of Ohio’s medical marijuana program are finding that product prices are too high.

The survey, which was sent by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, has revealed that 58.4% are dissatisfied with the product prices.

The survey had been sent to all registered patients and caregivers this fall. The state received responses from 11,936 registered patients and caregivers, just over 10% of the total, and found 59.9% said they are paying up to $299 a month on medical marijuana.

Some of the survey takers who are unidentified, had complained in written comments about the prices.

“Why are these products so expensive?” one respondent asked. “Does Ohio realize that those prescribed mmj (medical marijuana) often deal with symptoms that make working fulltime difficult?”

“The dispensaries are severely overpriced,” another said. This respondent said they buy medical-grade marijuana off the street for a better price.

“The pricing in Ohio is UNREASONABLE! I would at least like a justification,” another wrote.

“We’re kind of right there in the middle between Michigan and Illinois,” said Greg McIlvaine of the Ohio Department of Commerce. “So we would hope to expect as our market matures, and we continue to get cultivators online and … products, that our prices will start to decline even further from about the $300 per ounce to something closer to $265 per ounce, as in Michigan.”

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