According to the Statesman Journal, Oregon is considering exporting marijuana.
The Journal has reported that the Craft Cannabis Alliance, a business association led by founder and executive director Adam Smith, is working with legislators to let Oregon start exporting pot to other legal-weed states by the year 2021.

According to the report, Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, plans to reintroduce provisions from Senate Bill 1042, a similar proposal that died in the statehouse in 2017.

The Statesman Journal has reviewed the draft language and says that wholesalers could ship across state lines so long as Oregon’s governor had made a pact with the receiving state to allow those deliveries.

“I can’t imagine any state would agree to do this with Oregon,” remarked Kevin Sabet, president of anti-pot group Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

“It looks like a desperate attempt to tackle the out of control black market production that has happened in Oregon since legalization,” Sabet added. “The state should be focusing on how to reduce overall demand and supply.”

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