An alarming study has found that more than half of Michigan medical marijuana users have admitted to driving while high.

The study from the University of Michigan published this week has found that of the nearly 800 of Michigan medical cannabis users surveyed, 51 percent admitted to driving while “a little high” and 21 percent said that they have even driven while “very high.”

The state has roughly 270,000 people who have permission to use medicinal marijuana.

“When you are intoxicated with marijuana or you have marijuana actively in your system it can affect things like your coordination and your reaction time,” said the study’s lead author Erin Bonar, who is an assistant professor of psychiatry.

“We know it can take several hours for its effects to wear off,” she added.

“There is a low perceived risk about driving after using marijuana, but we want people to know that they should ideally wait several hours to operate a vehicle after using cannabis, regardless of whether it is for medical use or not,” Bonar said. “The safest strategy is to not drive at all on the day you used marijuana.”

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