According to an Elon University poll, more than half of North Carolinians are in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

The survey, which was conducted from January 29th to January 31st, found that 54% were in favor of legalizing the plant for recreational use while 43% were against it.

The survey was also done in 2017 when the support was only at 45% with 50.% opposing it.

“Opposition to recreational marijuana legalization fell substantially over the last three years,” said Jason Husser, director of the Elon Poll and associate professor of political science. “I suspect this is due in large part to the wave of states that have passed legalization measures. Medical marijuana legalization remains broadly supported in every demographic group we examined.”

In 2017, 80% expressed support for legalizing marijuana for medical use while 17% were opposed.

In 2021, 73% expressed support for medicinal use with 18% opposed.

“We found a major generational gap for recreational marijuana legalization with those under 44 being about twice as likely as those 65 or older to support legalization,” Husser said. “Notably, these large generational differences do not extend to support for medical marijuana and lowering criminal penalties. Most Republicans also supported reducing penalties and legalizing medical marijuana.”

The survey was conducted by the Elon Poll in partnership with The Charlotte Observer, The Durham Herald-Sun and The Raleigh News & Observer.

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