As measures are taken to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S., many states are implementing store closings.

Palm Springs, California’s City Manager David Ready has called for all marijuana lounges in the city to close.

Ready has issued an emergency order closing cannabis lounges and commercial gyms.

Cannabis products will still be sold for pick-up or, if licensed to do so, for delivery, but the lounge areas are closed effective immediately.

All commercial gyms will close effective immediately. One-on-one training sessions within residences or similar areas are still allowed.

Palm Springs Mayor Geoff Kors has also shut down all the city’s bars and nightclubs as part of the effort help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“Restaurants must operate with a total of fewer than 10 people in the establishment, including employees and customers. Food service is essential to the community and we anticipate that many establishments will adopt take-out only policies as a result,” wrote Brooke Federico, Riverside County Public Information Officer.

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