Some medical marijuana patients in the state of Pennsylvania are facing difficulties in getting the medicine that they need.

The state has 25 grower-processors but they are having trouble keeping up with the demand for high quality marijuana flowers.

Popular strains for this reason are running out making people have to wait up to six weeks to get the products they need.

According to Tim Hawkins of Green Thumb Industries, the high demand for the marijuana flower is surprising.

He said, “If we had anticipated this demand, the state probably would’ve asked more growers to be up and running from the beginning.”

Laura Gunchon, the vice president of project management for Calypso has said, “When you go to the pharmacy you expect your medicine is going to be there.”

“We want them to be able to go back when they need to and find that same Calypso product on the shelf again. If they can’t get it, it reflects poorly on our business.”

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