Well, surely there are some people who will read this and think that there is nothing wrong with spending this much money on marijuana.

According to a survey out of Dublin by Ballymun Youth Action Project, a State-funded charity, to address drug and alcohol addiction in the area, some young people in the city’s most marginalized areas are spending quite a lot on their marijuana.

They are spending up to 150% of their weekly income on the drug. The survey tracked young cannabis users in Ballymum and it showed that participants spent on average €108 a week on cannabis, or €5,185 a year.

Even people without any job or training program were found to be spending on average of €152 a week on the drug (€7,930 a year). According to the study, this cohort would typically receive €100 a week in jobseekers’ allowance.

“This suggests that participants may have other sources of income in order to sustain their use patterns,” the authors wrote.

So with or without a job, people are making it evident that marijuana is important to them.

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