According to an Elon University poll, the state of North Carolina supports legalization of marijuana for more than just one use.

The university has released its findings of North Carolinians’ opinions as it pertains to legalizing marijuana for multiple purposes.

People who took part in the statewide survey were asked about their views on legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational uses, as well as their thoughts about marijuana and how legalization could impact society.

The poll was conducted online from January 29th to January 31st and included the feedback of 1,455 North Carolinians.

Elon also conducted a poll of state residents in April 2017 on the same issues.
In the most recent poll, 73% of the respondents had said they support the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes and 17% did not support it.

This percentage remains about the same, as the 2017 survey response was 18% opposed to medical legalization.

The January poll revealed that 34% of participants opposed recreational legalization for marijuana, but in 2017 that number was higher at 51%.

When asked if they supported reducing penalties for marijuana possession to a civil offense rather than what it is now (criminal), 67% of respondents supported reducing the penalty for marijuana possession.

Additionally, 64% of poll respondents said legalizing marijuana would help the economy.

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