Marijuana is now legally for sale in the state of California but there is no computer system in use for pot businesses yet.

The stores are being asked to document their sales and transfers of marijuana manually for the time being by using paper invoices or shipping manifests.

This of course raises the question of whether or not all marijuana purchases will be tracked?

Jerred Kiloh, a Los Angeles dispensary owner who heads the United Cannabis Business Association, an industry group has remarked, “You are looking at pieces of paper and self-reporting. A lot of these regulations are not being enforced right now.”

Though the Department of Food and Agriculture said the system was “implemented” on Tuesday, growers and sellers are not required to use it yet as they train on how to input the data.

“There are a lot of things inside the law that are transitional. I don’t think it’s as rigid as people want it to sound,” Kiloh said.

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