There has been a common theme with many presidential hopefuls and that is that they are on board to legalize marijuana. This includes presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg’s campaign has released a plan to “dismantle racist structures and systems” which includes eliminating the death penalty and legalizing marijuana.

The South Bend, Indiana Mayor could become the first openly gay and youngest president.

“The safe, regulated, and legal sale of marijuana is an idea whose time has come for the United States, as evidenced by voters demanding legalization in states across the country,” he told The Boston Globe earlier this year.

“I think even in Indiana, criminal justice reform, including marijuana [legalization]. We’re probably there,” he said to Indianapolis Monthly. “Maybe not a 70 percent majority, but a majority.”

“I really think a state-wide campaign in Indiana would do well, especially on the criminal justice stuff,” he added. “To find common cause between the younger, Libertarian right that’s not so sure about the Republican party as an institution. And a more traditional, progressive coalition. I think you can get there on drugs. I think you can get there on a lot of things related to criminal justice.”

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