If downtown Scottsdale can win a battle between naysayers, the city would have its first high-end marijuana dispensary.

Sunday Goods wants to open the dispensary in the current Club Tattoo building downtown, near Fifth Avenue and Winfield Scott Plaza. The company operates an all-natural cannabis farm in southeastern Arizona.

According to an article on azcentral.com, some Scottsdale residents expressed concerns about this type of business coming to the area.

Erica Diloreto said that she currently has to travel to Phoenix or Tempe to get medical marijuana.

“(A dispensary) would benefit patients in the area as well as the community,” Diloreto wrote in an email to the city.

There are no medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the city between the Scottsdale Airpark and Tempe, said a city memo.

Scottsdale’s Planning Commission voted 6-1 in August to recommend that the City Council approve the dispensary.

The agreement is written with a stipulation that if the council approves the request, the dispensary would not be able to open until the preschool moves, Cluff says.

The conditional use permit and zoning cases for Sunday Goods were scheduled to go before the the City Council on Tuesday, but the hearing has been postponed until Nov. 12.

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