It’s not everyday that you hear nuns are making a business out of selling pot. Self proclaimed nun, Christine Meeusen, who calls herself Sister Kate, is doing such a thing.

According to Business Insider, Sister Kate runs her medical cannabis business out of California’s Central Valley. She is focused on erasing the negative stigma that cannabis has and wants to create jobs for women.

“No matter what we read about cannabis in the last 20 years, we didn’t listen to it,” Sister Kate said. “Because we knew we were dealing with a healing plant. We knew, intuitively, without having the science [to back us], that it was being demonized.”

Last year, Sisters of the Valley, made around $750,000 in sales selling salves, oils, and tinctures, all derived from hemp. Hemp is a kind of cannabis that has just a little amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weed.

Instead, the company’s products are rich in CBD, which is a chemical compound that has been linked to the therapeutic effects of the drug.

According to the company, their products are used to offer relief from pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and debilitating diseases. They not only grow the 12 hemp plants themselves, but they also perform rituals in order for the products to gain special healing powers. They hold ceremonies under the stars so that they can bless their work table.

Last year’s amount in sales was quite the growth from their sales in 2015 which netted $60,000 on their website. They are not yet profitable due to the cost of security, repairs on their property and loans.

“Because we are considered ‘high risk,’ [the banks] have the right to hold big chunks of funds for a very long time,” said Sister Kate.

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