Three recreational marijuana retailers in the state of Nevada are being investigated by state regulators for selling tainted flower.

The investigation is part of a larger, ongoing problem for the state regarding testing of marijuana products.

The state’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) and the Department of Taxation told all Nevada cannabis retailers back in March to stop selling Cherry OG F3. The flower had failed lab tests for mold, coliforms, enterobacteriaceae and aspergillus.

The directions were for stores to destroy or return the cannabis to the grower.

Unfortunately some stores continued to sell the product even in May said the CCB.

Roughly 375 grams of the strain were sold in May and June at three cannabis shops in Las Vegas which are:

Waveseer of Las Vegas (Jenny’s Dispensary)
Paradise Wellness Center (Las Vegas ReLeaf)
Desert Aire Wellness (Sahara Wellness)

According to the CCB, there had been no reports of anyone getting sick from consuming the Cherry OG F3 flower.

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