Shoppers Drug Mart has recently opened its Medical Cannabis by Shoppers program nationwide in Canada.

There are over 1 million Canadians who can use marijuana for medicinal purposes, but some are doing so without a prescription.

Shoppers Drug Mart’s latest move could help Canadians move from self-medicating to the formal medical program.

The company previously only had its medical cannabis portal available to Ontario and Alberta.

According to a Leafly report, in provinces where telemedicine is allowed, patients can get a prescription for medical cannabis over their online platform. In provinces like Quebec (where the platform is not yet fully operational), patients must furnish a doctor’s prescription.

Once approved, patients can get advice about medical cannabis from Shoppers, and can use the platform to order products from 12 medical producers.

Because Shoppers is itself licensed by Health Canada, it can distribute products direct to medical patients.

Shoppers Drug Mart has over 1,300 stores across Canada.

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