In shocking news, a Singapore man has been sentenced to death for being found with 2 pounds of cannabis.

Omar Yacob Bamadhaj has been convicted of bringing in at least 2 pounds of cannabis into the country back in 2018. His lawyers said there was doubt about whether he knowingly brought the drug into Singapore.

He was sentenced to death back in February and a court had dismissed his appeal this week according to Channel News Asia.

Bamadhaj argued in court that he didn’t know what was in the trunk and that other people had put it there without him knowing, according to the outlet.

Authorities found it wrapped in foil and newspaper in the trunk of the car he was in while his dad was driving, the report said.

The man said when he was arrested that his acquaintances had convinced him to bring the substance into Singapore and that he didn’t want to do it but needed the money, the report said.

He also argued at one point that drug-enforcement officers had “coerced” him into an admission, saying an officer had threatened to hang him and his father if he refused to confess, Channel News Asia said.

Singapore is one of the strictest countries when it comes to the possession, consumption, and the importing and exporting of cannabis.

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