Many marijuana users will be thrilled to find out that a small study has found that using the plant could improve sex and orgasms.

Researchers in Spain conducted a small study where they surveyed people who only use cannabis, alcohol, or neither, about their sex lives.

According to the study, people who only used cannabis reported better orgasms and higher levels of arousal than people who used neither or alcohol only.

Previous research has suggested that cannabis can boost a person’s sex drive and emotional intimacy and decrease sex-related anxiety.

Researchers at the University of Almeria in Spain surveyed 274 Spanish people who were between 18 and 30, and found those who consumed cannabis before sex reported more satisfying experiences than those who abstained from weed or mixed weed and alcohol.

For the study, the University of Almeria researchers enlisted 89 male and 185 female volunteers who either used cannabis, alcohol, or neither. People who used other drugs or had underlying conditions like depression and diabetes were excluded from the study. They surveyed each of the 274 participants about their age, sexual orientation, education level, cannabis and alcohol consumption, and sexual function.

The researchers found that male and female participants who used cannabis regularly were more likely to report better sexual function than those who didn’t use weed at all.

Since the study was small, the results can’t be generalizable for all and “should be interpreted cautiously,” the study authors wrote. Additionally, the researchers relied on participants’ self-reported survey answers, so it’s possible their responses weren’t completely representative of their experiences.

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