SPACE PICKS™ has just become the first company to launch marijuana into outer space.

The company launched a High-Altitude Balloon (HAB) to the edge of space filled with 2,000 of their signature THC-infused toothpicks last week from an undisclosed location somewhere in Oklahoma.

SPACE PICKS, a company developed by a team of ex-rocket scientists, is behind handmade toothpicks that are dosage-controlled disposable and biodegradable, boasting fast activation and the utmost level of discretion. With premium THC concentrates infused into each toothpick, quality and delivery remain unmatched at its size and efficiency.

According to SPACE PICKS™ Brainchild-in-Chief and Commander Chris Beauchamp, “A package or two of SPACE PICKS™ requires just about zero space in your suitcase. It’s the most discreet, effective and portable way to experience an amazing high anywhere. Great for long trips to space or short trips to your in-laws!”

The toothpicks will be available to purchase along with the company’s other five flavors later this month.

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